Japanese FOOD!

Hey, guys! How are you? It’s nice to be back in blog again 🙂

What did you guys do in this summer? Well, I went to Japan for a week! The trip was totally amazing.

I fell love with this country, and its FOOD! Here’s some of my recommendation for Japanese foodie.

1.  Takoyaki

Hot octopus balls with delicious sauce are best thing ever for your growling tummy


2. Udon

Warm soup with chewy noodle. How nice would it be if I can eat it now!


3. Sushi 😉

The greatest combination of seafood and rice EVER!

(Japanese sushi are cheeper than you think, if you go to kaiten sushi)


4. Tonkatsu

Crispy, juicy, pork chop with deep sauce that makes you want to eat


5. Bento

If you can’t choose one thing, just choose bento! I personally couldn’t choose menu in restaurant, every thing  looked amazing. Bento gives you more than 2 things you wanted for lunch 🙂


Yup, that’s it. Just joking.. Seriously, Japan is a blessed country. Every food that I tasted, even the street foods were amazing. Once in your life, you have to visit Japan and try those food locally!!



I learned some great things from a computer class for few months. I never knew that computer supports to do many different things. One of the things that fascinated me was GIMP. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free Photoshop software similar to Adobe Photoshop. You can easily download it from its website: http://www.gimp.org.


I never learned Photoshop before, so I was really surprised when I first went in. There were lots of things were on the screen that I couldn’t understand, (I still have some though..) and I realized that I am a friend to computer. The computer teacher taught the class step by step with his tutorials and on-line videos. Hopefully, he was very patient with the class, so I could learn Photoshop in my pace. It was very confusing at first, but now I am so proud of myself that I learned something new! Now, I can make collage with pictures, logo, and lots of other things.

The process of learning new thing is hard, but when you overcome the hardness great things come out 🙂 I also learned that learning is another blessing to live a happy life!

Travel Game

Hello everyone. I am so sorry for the long time no posts. I was on a vacation. Today, I am going to introduce you a game.

It’s not just a game, it requires your travel experiences. More you travel, more you get points. Check this out! This is the coolest game ever I had in my life. And it’s free. NO MONEY NEEDED.

Also it is divided into sections which you can choose the place you want to look at. Well all I need to say is click the link and try it for yourself:)

Have fun!


COOL Facts about travel

the hobbit ad

1. Travel can help improve your problem-solving skills.


2. Taking a vacation can lower your risk of heart disease.


3. Studies show that money on travel makes you happier than money spent on material goods.


4. Travel has been shown to help aid those suffering from depression.


5. Travel has been also shown to promote overall brain health.


6. Couples who travel together have reported increased feelings of intimacy.


7. Travel can make you more creative and smarter.


8. France is most visited country in the world.


9. The longest flight is from Sydney, Australia to Dallas, Texas and lasts about 16 hours.


10.The shortest airline flight that you can buy tickets for lasts just 2 minutes and runs from the Scottish island of Westray to Papa Westray.


11. The longest rail journey in the world is between these 2 cities, taking seven days of travel through the frozen taiga forests, totaling 9,302 kilometres (5,780 miles).


12. Adding salt and pepper to your food is considered highly offensive to chefs in Switzerland.


13. All the money that is tossed into Rome’s Trevi Fountain each day (about 3000 Euros) is collected each night and donated to charity.


14. Less than 1% of the world’s population has ever ventured to Antarctica.


15. Australia lays claim to over 10,000 beaches.

Long hour flight


When you travel around the world, there is a time for long hour flight. There are not much of activities you can do in planes, even though you want to enjoy your flight. There are hundreds of people sitting on the seat around you. You want to make yourself comfortable to get ready for your exciting trip.

1. Sleep

sleep in airplane

Sleeping is the best activity in plane. When you sleep, the time just flies away. Also your body will gain strength for your trip. Tip: Bring air neck pillow and eye cover. Use the blanket. Make yourself warm.

2. Read


Go for an adventure in your mind. Also, it would be good to read about your trip tips and tour guides. I recommend you not to bring paper books in plane. Bring your e-book with you.

3. Watch


Fortunately, plane doesn’t give you dizziness when you watch like car sick. Enjoy your video.

4. Eat


If you make your mouth bored, your plane ride would be boring too.

5. Listen


Feel the music and make your body dance.

Enjoy your flight:)

Backpack Trip

Want to travel, but worrying about cost? Backpack trip is the best way for you.


1. Get the flight ticket early


Earlier you get, the cost goes down.

2. Get Travel Guide book


Know the exact information.

3. Bring credit card


Credit card is safer than bill.

4. Make your bag light


Try to bring what you really need for survival. Leave your valuable stuff in home. There might be regulation for the weight of your bag in flight. Make your bag light as possible.

5. Get hostel with kitchen


Hotel might be too expensive to stay, so get hostel. There are many other backpackers in hostel, get tips from them. Hostel with kitchen would be better if you want to eat fine but cheaper.

6. Do laundry by yourself


Save your money by reducing the laundry fee. Buy laundry powder and wash it in sink by yourself. Dry it by hang your laundries.

7. Go to grocery store or eat street food


Except for the food that you really want to eat, buy in grocery store. Try some clean street food too. Save money for more fun.

8. Just walk


Just walk unless you travel far. Wear shoes with lots of cushion, you don’t want your feet to fall apart. Save your money for better food 🙂

9. Be careful


A lot of criminals usually aim for backpackers. Be responsible for your bag and yourself.

10. Travel with friends


It can be harder to enjoy your own time, but better for safety and fun.

11. Fully enjoy your trip

trip e

Fully enjoy your trip while saving your money 🙂


Living happy LIFE